pregnancy brain

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pregnancy brain

Anyone else have a bad case of pregnancy brain? I feel like I'm losing my mind! I forgot my best friend's birthday and can't even remember how far along I am when people ask! Not to mention other things like forgetting there are wet towels in the washer and leaving the grocery without half of what I go in for. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

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I don't know that I'm to that extent... but I definitely forget a lot all the time. I totally understand. Some days is worse than others.. If I didn't have a cell phone with timers galore set I would be SOOO BEHIND on bills. lol

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Thankfully the hubs takes care of our bills, or we would be in trouble! Lol

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Yup me to. I thought I payed my internet bill when I got it like I always do but got an email wed saying I needed to pay it. Ops. Thankfully they let me pay it friday when I got payed. IDK how Im not late on my other bills. Birthdays and anniversaries unless its on facebook or a few people I wont remember it pregnant or not lol.

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ME! That should have been everyone's first clue I was pregnant way back when. haha I read somewhere that a women loses a million brain cells with every pregnancy....hmmmm....wonder if that is really true!!