Pregnancy Buddy!

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Pregnancy Buddy!

Just found out that my brother in law and his fiance are pregnant as well - and due in December! I am slightly upset since it took less than a year for them to get pregnant, they weren't trying, and they have next to no income for a family of four. But I am also happy for them since I love them both and they are great parents. So I have no idea how to feel. It will be a very interesting Christmas this year.

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That's a very difficult situation to be in. I can totally understand both sides of your feelings.

I hope it's more happy feelings than anything else going forward.

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Sounds like things are going to be very busy in your family come December! Maybe it'll be fun to be pregnant at the same time. Sorry that you have mixed feelings about it though!

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I have a slightly similar situation. Patrick's cousin/BFF and his wife got pregnant while we were pregnant. They m/c the same day I had my still birth. She was really self-absorbed about it and wasn't sensitive at all to me even though she was my bridesmaid for the wedding (same weed... he heart stopped sunday, wedding was coming on saturday). And then we all kinda stopped talking... I started my period in March... Right about that time I found out she was pregnant again. I was so upset. Now I'm pregnant again... which is helpful.. but yeah.

Good luck with the holidays. I'm sure you'll end up happy about it. Smile