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QofD 4.25

What is your favorite TV Show?

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Currently I'm really into Lost, Once Upon A Time, and I LOOOVE Glee Smile

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Oh! I watch waaaaaaaay too many to have a favourite. I do keep going back to Firefly tho.

I'm waiting for new episodes to come onto Netflix for Once Upon a Time, Grey's Anatomy, White Collar and Revenge.... I'm going to start Fringe from the beginning after my exams.

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Game of Thrones is my current favorite! Also watching Bates Motel!

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i don't watch much, but i do watch Glee!!! I like Chicago Fire, i've really gotten into The Voice this season and i do like to watch criminal minds, flashpoint and without a trace

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The last few weeks I haven't really been watching much tv bc I go to bed pretty much as soon as DS is down. Usually between 7:30 and 8:00. The ms gets so much worse at night so I just sleep through it.

I loved LOST and watched it on Netflix a few years back. I loved once upon a time also until it just got crazy and I couldn't keep up anymore. We just have Netflix and Hulu now so I am limited on what I can watch. DH and I have been watching the Out Of The Wild documentaries (not sure if that's the right term) but I finished last night so now I'm SOL. I also like 19 kids and counting (I live in the same town as them) but can't watch that bc they don't have it in Netflix/Hulu/Internet Sad

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I love hells kitchen and kitchen impossible.

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I love "Pysch", "Burn Notice", and I have started getting into "The Americans" lately.

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Game of Thrones!! I am total TV junkie. I do order entry from home and so I usually have something on hulu on my ipad almost all the time. Bad bad bad!! I love Glee, Greys, lots of ridiculous shows on CW (yes 90210) and a bunch of stuff on HBO. That is all a little embarrassing now that I see it... Smile

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So hooked on SOA... not patiently waiting for season 5 to be on DVD since we recently watched 1-4. Also Army Wives is a big one for me.