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QotD 10.12

What's your plan for Halloween? Costumes? Trick or Treating? Giving out candy? ETC?

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DH found an outfit for FurBaby but unless we get invites to a party I doubt we will dress up. I'm also opting out of giving out candy because of my exams. I'm sure we will get into it more when Squishy is old enough to take part.

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This year will be the first time we take DS out knocking on doors. He loves dressing up on normal days so I'm sure he will have a blast. Since our town does Halloween on 2 nights, and DH volunteers for the town a bunch, one day we will take him around and the next we will sit on our porch to hand out candy and glow sticks to other kids. For the first time ever I am excited for Halloween!

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DS is going to be iron man or spider man for halloween I think. I wanted to be a mama kangeroo and him be a baby kangie and then have DH be an outback man but that isn't going to work out.. So I gotta figure out something else to be or not be anything at all. We are going to try to go trick or treating for a bit but DH works that day which means he is on call even in the afternoon and has to be on site incase anything goes wrong. The other plant operator/ our neighbor said he might cover for DH though so that we can take him... but we will have to see. There is ward trunk or treat on the 1st that he would be able to attended but DS goes back to his dads but we are gonna talk to him and see if we can hold on to him for the ward party thing. I will probably take DS to the mall thing during the day to collect candy or maybe just do the one after he gets outta school or whatever... His school has a little party (no costumes allowed sadly) so I said I would be available to help with that since I typically just hang out in town while he goes to school. We won't be giving out any candy because we live in a fenced area that is "no trespassing" we won't have any trick or treaters lol.

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Taylor is going to be lightning macqueen(got it at a consignment store for $4, Not sure what the girls will be abd I have to find the costume I bought last year after halloween so I can maybe wear it to work. I always take my kids trick or treating down town. My dad usually goes with. Occasionally we walk around their neighborhood. I live in an apartment complex I dont think annyone gives out candy but idk. Depends on how I feel otherwise we will sit at my parents house and hand out candy.

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Hmmmm...still haven't decided this. We will probably go trick or treating with DS bc he has never been before. Last year we were at church, and the year before we passed out candy, but didn't have many trick-or-treaters....soooo....we'll see. It may depend on how tired I am. Haha

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DD will be Wonder Red from Super Why...... we took her TOT last year for the 1st time. With her allergies, it's just not as fun, so we have to be careful that she doesn't touch or eat anything til we get home. Hopefully she'll get some m&m's...lol. If not, i bought some for handing out, and i'll save a few for her .....she won't know the difference. We'll TOT with her for a little bit, then come home and she will help me pass out candy. Last year she loved seeing all the kids come to the door.....i'm sure she'll love it again this year.