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QotD 10.13

Post your due date
Post your guess date for birth

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Due date - December 13th

Guess - Doc's told me somewhere between the 6th and 13th since my scheduled c-section and the GD. So maybe....the 9th? I find out for sure (hopefully) on the 22nd of this month

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Due December 6. I have Thanksgiving/black friday or Dec 1 in mind. So guessing one of those

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Due date: December 23
Guess Date: week of the 9th, seeing as she's consistently measuring 2-3 weeks bigger

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due date : december 20th
my guess of an arrival date: december 8th!

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Due date: 8th.....we've already scheduled my c-section for the 3rd. I sort of think I might go before then, but I'm hoping I don't!

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Jan 5th, but baby will come either Dec 30 (if it comes at the verrrrryyyy last possible c-sec date), but most probably (and hopefully!) Dec 19 or 20. Biggrin

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Due date: Dec 20th, but i'll be induced at least 2wks earlier due to GD

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Due date is Dec 12 or Dec 14.

Guess date - beginning of the following week.

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Due Date : Dec 19

DH guesses Dec 14 (he's really just hoping because he'll have 3 days off)

My guess is hmmmm... Dec 9th