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QotD 10.21

What things are you missing for baby that you will need to get before she/he comes?

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Everything! **blush** HAHAHA

All we've got so far are a few outfits and a couple toys.

DH is on a mission to get the crib and stroller soonish so that we can start getting FurBaby adjusted.

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Hahahahahaha....I've NO CLUE!!!

My neice moved out last night, so we can start re-arranging rooms now and actually make room for Aarilyn. This means I can get all the stuff my SIL currently has stored at her house so I can figure out what I do/don't have!! YAY!! Smile

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Ugh- I have no idea... I had my baby shower and so I ended up getting a lot of clothes and toys. I did end up getting a pack and play so we decided that it going to be our crib and we aren't going to get a wooden one. I need to get a car seat/ travel system really bad still. I'm just debating what exactly I want to do with that. DH really wants a jogger travel system and I have always been so for getting travel systems but I just am looking at the money and dreading it all. :/ BLAH. I need to get something to hold all baby's clothes and I need to buy some baby laundry detergent to wash all the clothes. I didn't get receiving blankets so i am gonna get some of those. Bottles/Pump can wait probably.... Ummmmm.. IDK. I'm feeling stressed.

I keep getting this feeling baby is gonna come pretty early. IDK why and it doesn't make sense... but i just do.. so... I just feel ultra stressed about being prepared.

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i just have to get peices to some bottles (i got rid of the plastic parts) and tubing for my pump.....otherwise, i feel like we have everything we need. We have diapers, wipes, blankets and some clothes....it's just a matter of organizing and dusting/cleaning the nursery, which she probably won't be in for a few months anyways..... we did get our pack n play back yesterday (we had it up north at the cottage) so i'll be cleaning that up and making a spot for it in our bedroom...... oh, and i have to grab the bouncer from the attic(well, DH does).....make sure that works, or we'll have to get a new one.... i think that's it.

Roxi - we set up the stroller and bouncer in the house a few months before DD1 came for our dog to get used to, i would also carry around a cabbage patch kid and push her in the stroller around the house...... Our dog has always been wonderful with DD1 - even now with a toddler who wants her to "play" with her all.the.time....i'm not sure O gets that CLover is a dog and not a human...LOL.

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I need to get the bouncer from Sydneys dad and step mom that she said I could have. Not a total necessity but yea. Need to get her new car seat. Her dad said that we could go later this week to find her a new one since he doesnt want to use the one I have lol Told him he had to buy it then and he had no problem with that which was shocking. Im waiting until after my shower which ironically is on his birthday to see what else I really need which isnt much. Maybe something else to store clothes in then what I have now but will figure it out sometime.