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QotD 10.23

What part of labor/c-sec are you most nervous about?

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The spinal block!!!! That was the absolute worst part last time because they hit a nerve the first 3 tries!! OUCH!!

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Getting to the hospital on time. lol With Trinity was there fine. With Sydney I was fine. With Taylor I almost had him in my moms van or in the er of the hospital. No thank you. lol

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Not making it to the hospital on time. My sister and sister-in-law's labours were all 3 pretty quick (under 4 hours).

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hemriods growing legs and having to have their own cart so i can move around.....LOL ---- no, but i am worried about pushing out another big baby and having hemorids be huge.....

also scared of having to have a c-sect....it's the pain and healing part that worries me the most about a c-sect and just the thought of having a toddler and a newborn.... DH won't have anytime off, sooooooo.....yeah.