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QotD 4.19

Who did you tell FIRST about being pregnant?

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I told DH first of course... and then I told my sister.

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Dh first too, then my sister, then my March 2010 mommas that I am still in touch with! Smile I am having a hard time not screaming this one from the roof top after we've been at it for so long!

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DH was there when I took the test, but then we told my mom since we are visiting.

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My BFF in South Africa was the first I told. I was going to wait another week before telling DH but then caved a couple days later.

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One of my BFFs. We went through infertility together and were pregnant at the same time with our first. I was so shocked that I sent her the pic first to see if she could see it. Then I had DS hand the test to DH. Smile

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my DH - i wanted to make sure i wasn't seeing the 2nd line.... then i told some close friends ....then after a week of +hpt's, we facetimed my parents, DH mom, my sister, brother and DH's sister to share the news....we were going to wait til our beta, but we couldn't keep it in anymore....lol

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My husband was with me when I took the tests, so he knew first. We haven't told anyone in our family yet. We're waiting til we have everyone together, but I couldn't keep it in. I told all of the teachers in my department at work.

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I told a close friend of mine first. DH was at work and last time I told him over the phone and it wasn't this great moment. I told DH once I got home.

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I told DJ first sort of I text him a picture of the test and it wouldnt go through...... and one of my best friends. I text a few close friends after I got the positive at my dr's office and called my other best friend on the way back to work. My 2 sister in laws know but thats it for family right now.

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I told my sister first. I had to stay home with my son that day since he was sick. For our last pregnancy I told him first and it was kinda just showing him the stick and saying that we were pregnant. But because of how long we waited for this I wanted it to be special. His birthday was a few days away so I got him a card and wrote a poem. But had to tell my sister since I was practically jumping out of my chair until he got home Smile