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QotD 4.22

Sorry I missed yesterday, it was a pretty busy day! And I felt absolutely awful... :/

What part of pregnancy are you most excited about? (During pregnancy- not afterwards)

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I am super excited to feel baby kick!!

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def. can't wait for baby to kick, but also just getting that baby bump

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I'm looking forward to feeling the baby kick and for DH to feel a kick as well.

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Yep, the usual stuff here too. The baby bump and feeling baby moving! Love that! Smile

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Feeling baby and finding out boy/girl!

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Yep, same here. I can't wait to have a baby bump - I loved to rub my sister's belly, it felt so nice.

Also to feel the baby move but most of all to see DH's face when he feels the baby kick.

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Right now, I am looking forward to not feeling so nauseous, but I also can't wait to feel the baby kick and to have a belly that looks less like I ate a big lunch and more like I am pregnant.

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I like the belly myself.

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Definitely finding out the sex and for it to start kicking. I am really interested to see how my son will handle the baby kicking inside!