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Qotd 4/26

I don't think we talked about this yet...... How and when will you all announce? Any cute ideas? We already told our parent and siblings by having DD wear a shirt that said big sister.... My niece is having her 2 yr bday in may and most the extended family should be there so I was thinking of putting DD in her shirt again and waiting til someone notices

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I think that's a clever idea for the extended family!!

It's kinda tough for us to do a "great reveal" because our families live in South Africa and are 6 hours ahead of us in time zones. So when we want to Skype video chat to them we have to arrange it ahead of time, especially since SIL doesn't have an internet connection at her house. Also my parents have to go into town (they live on a small farm) in order to get decent internet signal, so again it has to be prearranged. And if we then asked for all of the in-laws to be at DH's folks house on a certain day (and it's not a birthday) then they will already have guessed. Same deal if I wanted to announce to my whole family at the same time.

I've been toying with the idea of mailing everyone a card, maybe with a copy of the ultrasound inside, with instructions not to open until a specific date and time but firstly with the South African Postal Service being so unreliable they may never get to the destinations, and secondly my mom and sister would probably cheat and open it ahead of time and spoil the surprise.

I haven't asked DH's opinion on this yet tho... he has good ideas every now and then.

For our Facebook announcement I'm going to get a "Made in Brooklyn" onesie and write below that "Arriving 19 Dec 2013" and take a photo of me and DH holding it in front of us.

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Those are fun! I already told our families- we haven't announced it on FBook. I don't know how yet. No big reveal for us for saying the baby is coming.

We might* do a gender reveal party though. put the color in the cake Smile

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Will you edit the title of your first thread to QofD 4.26?

This is a great question Smile

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I'm not telling any family until we're past 8 weeks, though I may cave. Our first ultrasound will be the Wed before Mother's Day, so maybe we'll tell hubby's family that day.

My family all lives hundreds of miles away. My parents, hubby & I and youngest brother and his family are all going to Massachusetts for a surprise 90th birthday party for my grandmother in July. Still waiting to hear if my other brother and family will be able to attend. Assuming no surprise illnesses/issues with my family prior to then, I'm hoping to tell them all then. I'll be even happier if I'm showing enough for that to "tell" them. LOL

If not showing then I won't tell until the party -when I give G'ma her gift - hopefully a framed picture from the latest ultrasound, which should be pretty self explanatory to everyone at that point. *giggle*

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We have already told our families. DH told his family straight away. And I old my mom at the beginning too. My dad found out inadvertently from my mom's sister who lives in a different town... My mom told her thinking it was safe (my parents got divorced a few years ago and my dad doesn't see my mom's sister anymore...) but he was in her town running a marathon so he stopped by to say hi and she didn't know he didn't know. Whoops! And so I texted my siblings the ultrasound pics that night before they found out via slip also. We have told our close friends but haven't made the FB announcement yet. I don't know when that will happen. Probably in a couple weeks.

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Go to Advanced for editing and then at the top you can do it Smile

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We have told our families too. We did the big brother shirt thing on facetime. It was pretty fun. I think for our big reveal I want to take some photos and make a collage. I like the "shoes" thing, growing by 2 feet and I also want to order a shirt for DS, "only child, expiring December 2013". I see people making like annoucement cards for pregnancy, do people really send those out?

Last time I wanted to wait until exactly 12 weeks to tell anyone and this time I want to tell everyone now and I'm barely 5 weeks!! I'll be 7 1/2 at our ultrasound so if everything looks good after that we'll probably spill the beans. There are several people that know because they were following our IF journey so it would be a huge reveal... Wink