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QotD 6.11

What was DH's response when you told him you were pregnant? How did you tell him?

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The first pg I showed him a FRER test with the 2 lines and I had to explain what the lines meant. Then he said "well! that was easy!"

The second time he was still mostly asleep when I showed him a digital test and said "you're pregnant? Well done" LOL!

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Roxi that's funny. I like your DHs reaction.

The first time I had a onesie made way ahead
Of time. It has a picture of his competition truck in it and it
Says "my daddy drives the all nighter". I brought it to him at work and had him open it saying it was an anniversary gift since ours was two days before.
This time I couldn't think of anything creative. I tried getting DS to say mommy had a baby in her belly but he was a grouch that morning and wouldn't play along. So I told Dh that I wasn't going to be able to help him move. He was like umm why. Then he said your pregnant ? Already ? Then he went on and on about having super sperm. Lord.

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This baby was a total surprise. We didn't think we could get pregnant on our own. Plus we were in a dry spell and only dtd one time in 9 weeks! I had been feeling kinda shaky for a few days and knew we had dtd in a potential danger zone (ha!) so I tested one night just to get my mind off of it. It was 2 days after DS's 2nd bday and it was a few days before Easter. I was off work for the week and wanted to get it out of my mind and focus on enjoying my time with DS. So when that second line came up I was totally shocked... I called DS into the bathroom and asked him to take the test to DH. He thought it was a "beeper" (which is his word for that forehead scanning thermometer) so he pulled the cap off and tried to scan his head!! Ick!! So I snap the cap back on and tell him to take it to DH. DH was just totally shocked. It took a second to figure out what it was and then he said "are you pregnant??" I said "it appears that way!"

And that was that. We spent the rest of the night staring at the wall in shock! Ha! Thankfully the shock wore off and now we are super excited Smile

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I woke DH at like 6:30 or something like that all every excited. He was half asleep and said something like 'that's great' or something unexciting. lol.

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love this question!!!

Well, i was still in the 2WW after our transfer and i wasn't going to test, but then i was shaky one day and then the next day i got a bloody nose - so i tested at night...thought i saw two lines....waited til the next day, tested that morning and pretty sure i saw two lines, tested again that night and sure enough, there were two lines - i showed DH the test and said what do you see and he's like what am i suppose to see and i'm like just tell me what you see and he's like 2 lines....and i smiled and started to cry and he's like what? r u pregnant?!?!?! and i'm like yeah, i think so, i think it worked. i kept testing til my beta.