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QotD 6.28

What's your dream va-ca? Where? What activities would you do? Would you invite the kids?

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dream vaca -spend 2 wks in Hawaii. Since we would have a lot of time, we'd for sure hit up the north shore on Ohau and just walk around town and hit the different surf shops. We would def. go to a luau, surf and just island hop. I think it's Maui that has awesome waterfalls, so for sure we'd hit those up. Then we'd spend a week just lounging around on the beach and doing things here and there that we wanted to do. If the kids were older (10&up) we'd bring them with.

Another dream vaca is going to Bora Bora or some really cool tropical place and stay in those huts above the crystal blue water..... again, no kids, unless they were older.

As you can tell i'm a beach person - stick me on the beach and i'm a happy camper, i don't like to do all the touristy things.

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Hmm. dream vaca. I was really hoping to go to Hawaii for a late honeymoon with DH. No $$ though :(. I think things that I would like to do would be snorkel, surf, chill on the beach, etc. I would love to go with just DH. But it's really not Hawaii that matters to me.. any island would be pretty cool. Smile

As a family vaca I really want to go to Disneyland. That's a more plausible vacation.

I also really want to travel Europe.

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Mine is to go to Iceland to do some dog-sledding and see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately I don't think I'd enjoy the temperature and DH can't do the dog-sledding with his condition Sad

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I want to go to Disneyworld, D.C., and Pigeon Forge, TN. Not necessarily in that order, and def in seperate yrs...not all at once. Smile I probably wouldn't want to spend more that 2 wks at most in any of the above places. I would def. get homesick. Smile And I can't imagine going w/o the kiddos in tow. But then we are the family that almost never go anywhere w/o DS, even on date nights, etc. We go childless for appx. two hrs ea. on V-day and our anniv. I know. We're pathetic. Wink

So, that's the dream vacay...oh, and we would probably do all the traditional, must-see touristy stuff the first visit at least.