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QotD 6.3

What is currently your biggest craving/aversion?

This question will probably be a pretty popular one for the future too Smile

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Craving: hmmmm that's hard. I don't feel like I crave one particular thing right now.. it's just that when I want something, I want it! Blum 3 lol. Um... I tend to want a lot of salt though....

Aversion: I have finally gotten over the meat aversion (thank goodness cause I love meat!). I think .... Saltines.. Yup... they gross me out.

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Thankfully nothing yet for both. I have been eating pretty crappy lately so hoping to turn that around soon.

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I'm temporarily over my meat aversion, but it comes and goes.

No major cravings yet, just eating lots of mango.

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My only major craving seems to be orange juice. As for aversions, I've been feeling blah about most food in general with the nausea, but that seems to be letting up slowly.

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