QotD 6.5

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QotD 6.5

What are you current symptoms? What is your least favorite? What is your favorite?

**HA, third day in a row. I'm on a roll Wink

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Current symptoms:
~ Nausea
~ Exhaustion
~ Difficulty focusing
~ Back aches
~ Body aches
~ some headaches
~ Gas
~ short tempered (this only started a couple days ago)

Least favourite: the temper and the back ache

Favourite: can't say I have one yet

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My Current symptoms are :
Gas - yuck
Stuffy nose that never goes away
Nausea- which is back to waves so having some better times than not
Sore BBs

Least fav is the indegestion. I have never had it and makes me feel cruddy. No fav yet. Wait for the kicks then I will have a fav. Lol.

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I'm still having some nausea and vomitting. Constant peeing, tachycardia, swollen sinuses, can barely eat without getting super full... I think that is mostly it!

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12 Weeks

  • Tender/enlarged nips/breasts
  • Breaking out
  • Headaches
  • pain over right ovary
  • Very Emotional + Mood Swings
  • Craving: taco bell
    least fave
  • Extremely gassy
    least fave
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite leveled off- still not super hungry
  • Feel my heartbeat in stomach
    Faves- May or maynot be baby, but i still like it Smile
  • Flutters in stomach at times
    Faves for now- I have an excuse not to have to remember EVERYTHING
  • "Braindead"
  • Nausea not as severe, throwing up daily still
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Current Symptoms -

Nausea (although seems to be getting better)

Can't say I have any favorites at the moment.