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QotD 6.6

What prenatal testing do you plan on doing?

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I am only doing the standard testing to make sure I have no diseases, the NT scan and the 20 week scan. Unless
Something arises during those I get too panicked about false

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normal pap/std testing at the beginning, 20ish week ultrsound, glucose test and group b strep. Just the normal. Havent ever done the other testing with my other pregnancies so wont start with this one. I did have a ultrasound already but that was because he couldnt find the heartbeat at 10 weeks.

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NT scan, obviously, plus the quad screening. I'm most anxious to get a result regarding neural tube defects because of my medication. If those give an abnormal result then we'll probably do an amnio.

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Glucose, NT scan, Quad scan, 20 Wk Ultrasound, then eventually I have to have 2 non-stress and ultrasounds a week after 28 weeks (I think that's when it starts) until my due date.

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I am getting the regulars done (20 wk scan, GSB, Glucose), I am not getting pap and std (i trust my hubby and I didn't do anything since my last testing 9 months ago). I declined the Quad but am rethinking it... :/ I won't do the amnio or cordo again. I will have extra ultrasounds but I don't know how frequently anymore.

You bring up a good point about the medication Roxi... I am not on mine anymore though and haven't been since wk 4.

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I'll be getting the NT scan most likely, but that's it for tests that aren't routine.

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The 20 wk scan, I might not have to do the gd test, since I'm already monitoring sugars now and will have an apt with my endocrinologist, and the gbs test- since I just recently tested positive and had to go on antibiotics for it and I might do a echocardiogram at 22wks, as a new study came out with fertility patients having a 6%higher chance of having a baby with a heart defect....since this just recently came out in the last 2 yrs, I think I might do that,

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heart defects are awful.