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QotD 7.1

What is your ideal family size?

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I would love to have 2 children but with DH's condition, the lack of family support here in the US and cost of living I think we will probably only have 1.

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Initially I thought that 3 would be a good number of kids... But since I only have DS 1/2 time I think that DH and I decided to have 3. Who knows though, maybe I'll have more. lol Be a big ol' mormon family Blum 3

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We'd like a BIG family...minimum of 4 kids...yeah, people think we're crazy...haha At the rate we get pregnant though (3 1/2 yrs of trying to get this one) I seriously question whether that large family will happen without having multiples at some point. Smile

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4 Im comletely done with this one. Always felt incomplete before and this time Im feeling completely done.

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I used to think 3 would be a good number, but I'm pretty set on 2 now. Although it's only temporary (hopefully), the nausea, vomiting and exhaustion have taken a toll on me this time around. Taking care of a 16 month old during this has been tough...not sure how you ladies with more than one do it!!