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Are you having a baby shower? When? When are you making a registry?

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Nope. Havent had one since my oldest.

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My sister is throwing me a sprinkle- so no registery, it's just celebrating baby

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Probably not. If it is a girl, then there is a slightly bigger possibility. If it is a boy, almost certainly not. I won't make a registry either unless it is asked for, which it probably won't be. Smile

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"keaty" wrote:

Nope. Havent had one since my oldest.

Ditto Smile

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I would like to have one but we don't have many friends here (and no family) so it feels weird. Especially since none of our friends here have kids yet.

Might just do a celebratory get-together.

I've already started a registry on Amazon.com but that's partly for myself and partly for the families abroad. I'm hoping to be able to get a lot of the necessities on the second-hand market within our apartment building.

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I am not sure when my shower is but it'll probably be around 30 weeks or so? IDK I need to talk to my MIL ... or have DH do that Wink

I started my registry on Friday. DH and I went as part of date night Smile