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QOTD 7/18

what are some of the traditions you plan on passing along to your child?

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Shew, this is a heavy thought!

I want to pass on a tradition of Faith in an infallible God. I want to pass on a tradition of caring about others and of ministering and giving to others. I want to pass on a tradition of familial closeness and a strong love. Those are the heavy ones. Smile

I want to pass on the fun Christmas traditions of reading the Christmas story with our Christmas Eve P.J.s on, the bday party for Jesus on Christmas morning, the manger scene building out of graham crackers,etc., and the fun stockings and gag gifts. They don't have to continue all of those things for forever, but as long as they can look back on them with fond memories, these are the traditions I release them to change or do differently for their own families when they are grown. Smile

I'm sure there are more, but that is all I can think of off the top of my head!! Smile

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Open 1 present on xmas eve
Santa doesn't bring all the presents - only 1 big one and maybe a few small ones and the stocking
Open stocking once everyone is awake
Christmas breakfast
After breakfast we open presents as a family

New Years:
I want to let my kids stay up until 12:30 if they want

Valentines Day:
Get my kids a little something and a little card

St Patty's Day:
Dress up in green or get pinched

I didn't grow up religious but I am now so I want to make sure I bring my kids up that way. We will attend church weekly but make sure we go on Easter as well.
The Easter bunny hides the basket and the children must seek it out.
My parents would put more than just candy in the basket and I really liked that.

Memorial Day and January 7th (Kamdyn was stillborn Jan 7th and his due date landed on memorial day weekend -that Sunday... weird right):
Especially after my loss I want to make sure we do something as a family on that day and if we get a little area for Kamdyn -visit that spot.

Independence Day:
4th of July fireworks of course!

Dress up, Decorate the house, Trick or Treat, and do a party some years

The big dinner either at a family members house or having family members over

My hubby and I want to start doing our FHE (family home evening) on Mondays. Date Night on Fridays (and I know that's not for the kids but they will know that mom and dad won't be home or around those nights). I want to try to do a family activity at least once a month on Saturdays.

I know there are more but I've already taken so much space Smile

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well, for christmas i want to carry on the tradition of our Polish Christmas breakfast - and Easter i will continue the tradition of getting our easter baskets blessed on the day before Easter. Labor Day weekend for sure is spent up north with my family (siblings, their kids and my parents) as well as 4th of July weekend. (we have only missed two - 2 years ago when i was due with DD and i was afraid to travel that far away from my doctors since i was high risk and this year, as i couldn't get off on call.
Superbowl sunday we go to my sisters and get the kids together with my parents and NYE is always spent at home in the comfort of our PJ's eating appitizers and drinking sparkling juice...lol. Those are the main traditions i want to pass along and make sure my kids are brought up. One thing i am going to add when the kids are older is to hid a pickle ordermant on the tree and who ever finds it first gets a small gift... I would also like to consistanly bring the kids to church, so that their faith is strong.

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Hahaha....after reading the other responses I realize I read WAY too deeply into this....and there are a whole bunch of traditions we have that I should've added. LOL Wow...definite preggo brain day!!