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QotD 7.2

Are you renting or do you own your own home? If renting: are you planning on purchasing? when? If owner: how long have you owned? do you plan on ever moving?

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We own...we bought a foreclosure and fixed it up. The combination of our mortgage/insurance/taxes is still less that what we were paying for a one bedroom condo. We've owned for 5 yrs as of this past May.

We have actually considered renting out the house we have and buying another to live in simply because ours is getting too small for us. It has 4 bedrooms, a decent sized living room, but a tiny, tiny kitchen and dining room. All of this somehow fits into 1400 sq. ft. It has no wasted space, that's for sure! Two people can barely fit in the kitchen together to work. We are constantly bumping into each other. Its no bueno. So...we'll see!

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We rent unfortunately. Until we're permanent here it doesn't make sense to take out a mortgage even though we could probably get something way better than what we currently have for the same price.

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We own. We bought the house back in 2009 and was pregnant with DS by the next month! We plan to move eventually. I love the house, but hate the location, we are right on a busy street with next to no yard.

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We rent currently. We are trying to get into a housing resources program to buy our own house. It's a sweat equity.. You help build the house as a down payment. it is for lower income families. We are super close to being able to do it.. but then I realized that the car's back seat belts are working except for one.. and we may have to switch cars which would put us past the debt to income ratio. Sad I would do it in my name but my credit is insanely shot so i can't do the car thing. Sad

If we do get into the sweat equity it would take just over a year.

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we own - we live in a very nice townhome, but i have put DH and I on a two year plan to move into a house....we need the room and i'd love my own yard with a fence so we can play outside in the privacy of our own yard. And we need a basement for storage!!! We've lived there 8yrs come Oct 31st of this year and the plan back then was to live there for about 2 yrs, sell it and go bigger and better....then the market crashed and well, here we are 7.5yrs later...busting at the seams..... it's just hard cuz i want to fix it up to make it nicer(different paint colors, etc) but i also don't want to put in the effort either if we're only going to be there 2 more years. We're going to have to make the loft into a 3rd bedroom, which i'm hoping will be a good selling point, since almost all the townhomes are 2 bedrooms and a loft.

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I rent an apartment right now. Lived here for almost 2 months now. Have a year lease. I am hoping to find a low income program to help me buy a house. I want to stay in the town Im in just want our own place and room for the kids and everything. But its hard as a single parent.....