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QOTD- 7/20

Are you getting an epidural or no drugs for birth?

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For my first labor I labored at home for like 20 hours before my water broke. Then when I got to the hospital I was about 5/6 cm dilated. I got an epidural ASAP. But as soon as I did it pretty much stopped my labor, which they said is pretty normal. They gave me pitocin. About 10 hours later I got to finally push and after 2 hours of that they finally gave me a c-section.

Point is, I think the epidural screwed me up. I've since done some reading and found a "walking" epidural. It gets rid of the pain, but you can still feel your legs, so you can walk. I think if I can, I will have this done. But this is only if I go into labor by myself.

Because of my GD they are not letting me go past 39 weeks. So we are scheduling a c-section just in case. I really do not want to be induced ever.

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I want to have an epidural, just hope insurance covers it.

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With DD- I was induced but I was 4cm when I went in, walked around, broke my water, started pitocin and walked some more, bounced on the ball and I wanted to get checked and I was only 5cm- I was like ugh, seriously- I was nervous I'd miss the window to get pain meds- so I said whatever, call the epi guy- it took awhile and when I was 7cm -DD was hitting my bone and the epi had only worked on one side- I got another one and then jumped to 10 cm in like 30 mins- pushing her out took awhile but I felt the pressure and that "ring of fire" they talk about. Anyways my point is, it was uncomfortable but bearable......I would like to see how long I can go without an epidural, but will go in with an open mind, as I would like to enjoy the experience too.

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I am automatic meds...they don't do c-sections w/o them!! Biggrin But, if I were to do a vaginal birth by some miracle (and it would b/c there is not a doc to be found so far that will let me deliver VBAC as a really bad diabetic. Sad ) I would absolutely want to *try* it w/o meds, but honestly I don't tolerate pain well, so that probably wouldn't actually be realistic. I would be yelling for a epi I'm sure. Sad Sad, huh?

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Well, last time I made it through with no meds and so I'm going to try again. From about 3cm on my contractions were about 1-2 minutes apart and so there were definitely times when I was ready to throw in the towel. Once my water broke, however, things moved along quickly and I went from 5cm to 10cm in about 2 hours and with 18 mins of pushing the baby was out. Honestly, I feel like the contractions were way more painful then the crowning/pushing the baby out. The idea of the epidural freaks me out.

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Thanks for posting the QotD's. Sorry I'm totally slacking Sad my sister was in town so i missed my days Sad I'm lame. Sad


My answer:

I am a NO MEDS kinda gal. I was 18 when I had my 1st son and had something to prove. I did it without pain meds and all natural. My water broke at home and I went into labor. 8 hours with about 2-3 of hard labor.

Obviously I got induced with Kamdyn. I didn't want to wait for my body to go into labor naturally so I got induced with some stuff that they stick up there. It took quite a while but I went into labor and was initally going to get pain medication because I didn't want to have all this physical pain without the "reward" at the end. However, while being there I decided I wanted to treat him just as I would a child that I would be able to hold and raise and decided to not have the epi. I did it all natural again. It was almost like a real labor but still easier. I pushed at about 5cm and my water hadn't broken. It exploded on the way out however so It was a lot of pushing.

Now that I've had 2 all natural I know that I can do it again. I have a low pain tolerance but there is something soooo rewarding about doing it all natural. I know that the pain is worth it no matter what. Smile

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I want the epi. I had it with both my girls and want it with this one. With my son I went to the hospital WAY too late and they played catch then stabbed me in the leg with something to keep me contracting to get the pplacenta out. Sooo wanted to punch the nurse for that (did it without asking). With my youngest they broke my water and my contractions stopped so they gave me my epi after walking around for awhile and pitocin. Ive never had a bad reaction to the epi and was up walking and sitting on the floor with the kids to show them the baby the same afternoon. Might just be a quick healer lol idk. But I know I want one.