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QotD 7.23

What is your favorite beverage? Why? Pregnant vs Not-Pregnant?

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ice cold water. I used to love milk, but my stomach can't tolerate much anymore. My water has to be ICE COLD.....if it's kinda cold or off the tap - nope, yuck.... i load it up with ice cubes.... In the begining of both my pregnancies, i craved OJ....now it affects my sugars too much, so i can't have the OJ anymore Sad

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coffee or herbal teas. I'm not drinking much of the teas since being pregnant tho. They just dont taste right to me. Even coffee I only have 1 small cup some mornings now when I used to have at least 1 extra large every day.

Since being pregnant I can't get enough water. Preferably fridge-cold, but not the end of the world if it isn't. And that is weird for me because before I couldn't stand the taste of water, especially ice-cold. To get the right amount of fluid I used to drink hot, boiled water.