QOTD 7/25

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QOTD 7/25

I think one or two of us know the gender but......

Obviously we all want a healthy baby - but if you had a chance to choose - would it be PINK or BLUE?? and why....

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I used to think I would prefer a boy, mainly because I spent about a year looking after my nephew between the ages of 8 & 14 mnths. But now I don't really know. Little girls scare me, especially when I think about what B's my sister and I were growing up.

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when i was preg with DD, i totally wanted a boy cuz i thought they would be so much easier as teens then girls....but i had a nagging feeling DD was a girl, so i accepted it and i honestly am soooo glad i have a little girl..... not that i wouldn't feel over the moon for a boy too, but i was terrified of a girl, and now i'm like that's sooo silly.

For this one, i'd love a girl again, mainly so my DD has a sister. I'm close to my sister, so i'd love for my DD to have a instant BFF.....
Now i'm completely terrifed of having a boy...lol.
I haven't had a feeling one way or another really - when i think about baby, i do think of a little girl and often call baby she.....but, i've been trying not to let myself think too much if it's a girl, cuz it could be a boy.....

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Oh man! Such a hard question. I get asked this all the time and really I just don't have much of a preferance. I can see so much good in having either.

DS really really wants a brother
I know how to deal with boys
Little girls and their attitudes terrify me
Little girls are more high maintenance

it's new and fun
I could dress her up super cutsie
I want a girl at some point
Two boys together seems intimidating
I always wanted 1 boy and then 2 girls but idk if that's the same anymore... especially since DH and I decided we could probably have 3 of our own and DS.

IDK. I will be happy either way. But I just can't tell what I deeply down want...

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I think I want a boy more. We have a boy. He was easy. I look at my teenage girl cousins and it scares the crap out of me. But I love the girl name we picked out. And I think my cousins would have been better if raised better. I think DH will be in shock if we find out its PINK! He's one of two boys and has all male cousins.

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I found out today its a girl BUT I honestly thought and wanted it to be a boy. My son would have a brother and I would have 2 boys and 2 girls then and would also have 3 boys in the grandkids then. There are 9 grandkids (before this one) and 7 of them are girls. I love my girls but I really was wanting a boy and so was everyone else. People were surprised and disappointed that its a girl. But we all will love this baby no matter what.

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We want a girl really badly. Both my DH and DS want this one to be a little sister for DS. DS adamently does not want a brother. Not sure why. But while I will be super happy with either, I hope for at least DS's sake it is a girl. We are definitely going to have more kiddos after this one, but I think 'just in case I can't' I want to go ahead and have a girl. Smile But, DH's family just doesn't have girls. All boy cousins, all nephews, no girls.

ETA: hopefully we will for sure find out on Monday!!!