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QotD 7.3- Ask SO

Another ask SO (or another close family member/BF etc):

What are your fears for this pregnancy/baby?

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i will answer this myself if that's okay -- My fears are dying during delivery.....i have no idea why i'm so worried about it...i think i was more so in the begining cuz of all the bleeding...... i had a rough delivery with DD, so i'm worried it will be similar, but this pregnancy has been so different....so, the delivery can be different too.....
Oh and i'm worried that since DD was such a great baby and nursed so well, that i'm worried this baby will be horrable and coickly and cry all the time and not nurse well....

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I'm pretty sure I can answer this w/o DH actually saying so himself:

His fears, as he regularly expresses, is that my diabetes won't be able to be completely controlled again, and baby will have issues and have to be in NICU, or will have permanent issues related to my diabetic difficulties.

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I also don't need to ask DH specifically. His fear is that the baby will have spina bifida due to the medication I'm on, or will have Chiari like him (which can't be detected in utero).

His other fear has started to come real this week: that I will become a hormonal monster Wink

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"I don't know babe... Changing poopy diapers." he's being kinda jokey.. but I know that he worries about another heart defect and losing the baby... But we are feeling more confident lately I think. But we are baby sitting a little girl today who is about 2 or so and he had to change a pee-pee diaper... Yup.. he needs daddy bootcamp Blum 3