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QotD 7.9

Sorry it's so late in the day- I forgot Sad

Let get an update on cravings/aversions... What are they ladies?

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Hmm...I crave tea to drink...especially blackberry peach un-sweet tea from Sonic. I also frequently crave turkey and cheese sandwiches with fresh homegrown tomatoes. Have to have the tomatoes or else it somehow tastes gross. But can't eat the tomatoes alone as that also tastes gross. And I crave toaster waffles with pb and fruit or sugar free jelly. Can't have those much though.

I'm just beginning to be really turned off by pork and red meat, probably because I ate sooooo much of it when I couldn't eat chicken during the entire first tri. I'm still only able to eat chicken sometimes. This is all really kinda funny bc I'm a "type O blood" person, and usually we are total carnivores, from what I've read.

Everything else is in the "Does it sound good at this moment?" category. But even in those rare times when everything is making me sick, I'm still STARVING hungry. (Well, not literally starving....you understand.) Tonight is a great example of this, unfortunately.

Think I'll go make a waffle now.....

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I've been mostly avoiding meat, which doesn't help my GD because I can't get all my protein in. Plus chocolate and in general sweet stuff hasn't been high on my list.

But all of a sudden today all I want is donuts, cupcakes, and bacon.

I haven't gained any weight yet. I'm only "allowed" to gain about 11 - 15 pounds because of my pre-preggo weight. But geez! I'm hungry all the times these days, but when I try to eat nothing seems appetizing.

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No aversions since I started eating meat again. Still not too interested in chocolate or super-sweet stuff. Prefer to have a pastry or croissant instead. But if there are strawberries or dried fruit around that's what I'll go for.

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I have been craving sweets, sweets and more sweets. Driving me crazy!!