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QotD 8.13

What are your emotions about baby's due date being 4 Months away?

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With DS I was also due in December, so its kind of surreal going through all this again about the same time. But now I'm getting kind of anxious. I went through my first pregnancy in this blissful and sick kind of bubble that I enjoyed most of every punch and kick (except he was on my sciatica nerve for almost the entire pregnancy). But with this one I know mostly what she will look like (I assume she will look like DS mostly at least when she's born), I know the pain, the annoyance of the hospital stay. I just want it to all be over and have her here already!!

I look at my counter and it says 22 weeks and it feels like forever away, then I look at a calendar and it really isn't!

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Unfortunately for me it's kind of overshadowed by the knowledge that our US visas expire in 10 weeks so I haven't really had a chance for it to sink in...

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I'm sorry Roxi!!

For me, I'm excited, and nervous, and scared, and impatient, but so so afraid I'm not going to be ready. Biggrin

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Im so ready for this llttle one to be here. Im excited and nervous but I know it will work out. I have an awesome support around us. Hard to believe its gone by this fast but that its still so far away.