QOTD- 8/15

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QOTD- 8/15

What's the one major project you want to get done before baby comes?

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Pass all 4 of my exams, then get rid of all the junk and unnecessary furniture in our apartment. (Assuming our visas get renewed)

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Closets gone through.

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I have so many! I haven't done anything for this baby yet! She needs bedding. I need to get DS a mattress for his new twin bed. I'm making his quilt for it so I need to finish that and make this baby's crib quilt. I need to sort through baby gear and toys and get her some cloth diapers. I have so many projects that aren't done!

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build my son's loft bed that we've been promising Smile

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I'm hoping I'll finish all the baseboards in the house we are moving into before baby is born. We finished the living/dining and kitchen. but now there's the bathroom and two bedrooms.