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QotD 8.29

Will you aim to have more children after this one? When?

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Yes! We want at least 4, but aren't really putting a 'cap' on the #. Smile We looooove kids and want a big family. The plan is that I'm not going back on birth control after this one. I won't be displeased to have another child really close. We wanted this one to be close to DS, and I never went back on birth control after his birth, but it just didn't happen. However, DH and I are both a bit healthier now than we were back then, so hopefully that will make a difference and we'll conceive quickly, rather than 4 yrs down the road. Smile

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Both DH and I come from families with 2 kids so it seems natural to have 2 but I don't know if we can a) afford another child, and b) cope given DH's condition.

Maybe if we chose a bigger age gap, like 4-5 years...

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Nope. 4 is more than enough for me. I do like my age gap between Trinity and Taylor almost 2 years. Then between Taylor and Sydney is 18 months and between Sydney and this one will be 3.5 years.

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Well, it's very possible this is our last (this is baby #2 for us). My husband is set on two (he is one of two) and he's just so practical when it comes to finances, future college expenses, etc. I would possibly be open to having a third down the road, but at the moment I don't want to think about another pregnancy (still feeling scarred from almost 4 months of bad MS/all day sickness).

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Nope, I'm done. I've always wanted two kids (boy/boy or boy/girl) and now I will have exactly what I wanted (boy/girl). Although I love the *idea* of having a big family, I'll be very happy with my two little kidlets.

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I'm not sure. DH talks about adding more, and part of me wants to. But getting pregnant this time was so difficult, and this has not been the easiest pregnancy physically. I can only imagine going through this with TWO little ones!! Plus there is always the financial and time restraints. I came from a family with 4 kids and I feel we all got shafted. Some of that is because my parents kinda stink at being parents. I want at least the two I have be super happy with us. We've talked about fostering or adopting. Maybe one day we will go that route.

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