QOTD- 8/5

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QOTD- 8/5

what's your favorite piece of maternity clothing at the moment?

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My belly bands!! I can still wear *almost* all of my pre-pg skirts because of it, and some of my tank tops!! Best $ I've spent this pg!!

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I love this cute little summery maternity dress that I have. It's cute, makes my belly adorable, and is comfy and not hot.

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None. I HATE the maternity pants/capris/shorts I have they all have the pouch and are huge and streched out(second hand) so they fall off. I have had to buy some shirts that are 2 and 3 sizes bigger than I normally wear. Ug. I hate clothes at the moment lol. Im stuck wearing a handful of clothes for work since nothing really fits anymore. Need to shell out the money for a belly band.