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We havent asked for awhile do you have a name picked out for the lil one or still have a list or no where close to deciding?

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We have the middle name chosen but are still considering first names. Will wait until we meet her in person before choosing the final name tho.

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We have our name

Daxton Dash

Super rad name I think... I think its fun that it sounds almost like a super hero name Biggrin

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I've had our name picked out since the week before I found out I was pregnant.

Nora Grace

I just think it sounds so pretty Smile

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We're not finding out the gender and our boy name is William Aaron. William after my dad and Aaron after DH and his late grandfather. We are planning to call him Liam, although I just recently found out that is the #1 boys name for 2013. (At least on the list I was looking at.) I'm not huge on trendy names, so we might end up calling him something else, but I don't want to change the name just for that since both names are family names.

As for a girl, we were originally thinking Clara but now we're considering Caryn, after DH's sister. We want the C because DD's name begins with a C and we have a lot of initial things I'd like to reuse. Lol Middle name for the girl is Moore, a family name.

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Aarilyn Isabella Smile

Aarilyn after my hubby, Aaron. Isabella because we love the meaning and feel that it totally fits! (Plus DS wasn't letting up until we changed it from Belle to Isabella, and he refused to call her anything but Isabella...haha) Smile

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I don't know! Had a hard time picking a name for my little boy, and that was when I had a spouse to help. Now, I'm at a loss. For a while I had it narrowed down to three first names, and a for sure middle name. Then I got tired of all three first names. I still like the middle name. But now my mom is pressuring me to use a name on her side of the family for a middle name (not cool, I know. But she's an only child, and her mom is an only child, so there really is no one else to carry on this particular name. Still not cool, but understandable). I have a list of about 15 names, two that are at the top, and two middle names sticking out (the one I had before and the one my mom wants). I know I need some help picking, but I'm hesitant to ask anyone because I don't want to hear "ugh, that's a terrible name" or "No, that's way to XXX for a little girl" or any other negative comments.

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Marie totally know what you mean although I did post my 2 top names on facebook to see what people liked better even though I was almost sure at that point which I was using. It is actually a name the "father" doesnt like but i dont really care I like it and thats what her name will be.

Sophie Lynn

Her middle name is after my mother. Allthough we dont totally get along but it works. My oldest daughters middle name is mine and my grandmas(mom's mom). My sons first name is my grandma's(dads side) maiden name and his middle name is my dads name, oldest brothers name, my great grandpa and unfortunetely his "dads" name also. My youngest daughters middle name is an aunt on my moms sides name.

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lol dp

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Ive got nothing! Don't know gender and never have found out. DH and I are terrible planners and wait until we see the baby and then pressure is on. We usually don't even have a list! We suck at the name thing!

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Still not sure-- either Paige or Claire. Paige reminds me of a free spirit and laid back. Claire reminds me of a more classic name and like a 40s movie star.... I like them both....

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Our little girl is named

Kenley James.