Rib pain?

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Rib pain?

I noticed the last few days my ribs are hurting. The muscles on top of them. I read that it is common during the first part of the 2nd tri.... I'm not even there yet though.... that it is probably the uterus moving from the pelvis to the abdomen... I feel like I worked out.. but I'll tell ya... I didn't. lol

Anyone else?

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I experienced rib pain during my first pregnancy, but only on the right side. It started in the 2nd trimester and lasted for a few months at least...I can't remember now. I haven't experienced any pain this time around (not yet anyway)...fingers crossed. I feel for you!

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The rib pain I usually get feels like my lower ribs are poking my organs. I have this when not pregnant if I ride in the car a long time or something. I had it really bad earlier in this pregnancy and nothing helped... But thankfully it has pretty much gone and I'm not having any issues. I hope yours gets better soon! Sounds miserable!

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I had major rib pains Thursday & Friday last week.