Runny nose/post nasal

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Runny nose/post nasal

So, I wake up in the morning gagging from post nasal drip, and my nose is running all the time. I have bouts of nausea, but I'm not sure if it's baby related or gunk in my stomach!

Anyone else having this, or is it just my allergies giving me grief?

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I've had pretty bad post nasal drip lately, but mine is definitely allergy-related.

I find doing a nasal lavage helps a lot!

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No nasal drip but I get stuffy all the time same with last pregnancy. I think u can take regular sudafed.

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I feel the same- don't know if I feel icky cuz of pregnancy or dripping gunk......I never had allergies until now...although I'm beginning to think I might have a sinus infect.

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This weekend while outta town I got a sinus infection. I'm about to go to the Drs in about 8 min :/

I had a totally rough weekend with it.