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Sharing the News

So, we shared the news of the new baby with our family yesterday. It was HILARIOUS! We put a shirt on Braxton that read "ONLY CHILD" "Expiring Dec '13"

They DIDN'T GET IT!!! Because we have wanted a child for so long they read the shirt but assumed it was a hand-me-down he was just wearing for play, or something. That was all of my in-laws.

My parents read the shirt, didn't get it at first, and even after having an explanation, THEN asked if we were getting it through adoption.

Hahahaha!!! This was the most HILARIOUS fun I've ever had telling. It became a game of who would notice/comment first. LOL I'll edit to add pics/video tonight.



I'll try to add the video of their actual reactions sometime soon too. Smile

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That is awesome!

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ROFL that's funny. I bet there were super excited. I know I'll be watching the video Smile

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Too funny. I bet that wasnt what they expected.

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Not. at. all. No one was. It's like in our family if you want to keep something secret they are clever enough to figure it out, but if you WANT to be obvious about it, they can't see it to save their lives! Smile

Oh, and all, except my FIL, are rooting for a girl! We think it is, but only time will tell of course. FIL is afraid of a girl I think b/c the I/L family has NO girls at all. Smile

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I guess I got too excited over that last post. Smile Oopsie!

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That is too funny that they didn't get it. And then asked if it was through adoption. Sheesh! I'm glad you had so much fun with it though! Smile

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fun!! It's awesome when people really are surprised...... we're telling extended family this sunday .....i can't wait to see how surprised they one knew we were doing a treatment.