Sleep positions?

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Sleep positions?

I'm normally a side sleeper, and I curl up a bit, but for some reason I can't comfortably sleep on either side this pregnancy. No matter if I'm straight out or curled up. I have to go to sleep on my left side, because that is what I've done all my life, but its no longer comfy. I don't know if it has to do with the anterior placenta, or what, but it feels like something is being pushed up unnaturally toward the center of my belly and crushed when I sleep on my side. I now always wake up on my back, which is also becoming more uncomfy due to the weight of the belly. I feel like I can't breathe as well on my back.

With DS I slept on my side just fine the entire pregnancy and couldn't tolerate back sleeping at all.

Any ideas on what to do to help? Or why its like this? Its not terrible now, but if its already uncomfy at 18-19 wks, I don't really want to know what its going to feel like by the time I hit the 3rd tri.

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get some pillows or a pregnancy pillow (if you can barrow one or get one cheap) It's gotten pretty uncomfortable at times to sleep on my sides - i feel like my belly needs some support, so i stick a pillow under it and in my knees (i have a pregnancy pillow). I also shoove some of it under one side when i'm on my back so it like props up some of my body so i'm not flat on my back. (i hear it's around this time back sleeping is uncomfortable and the weight of the baby can press on some artery or something) I so far can still sleep ON my belly, but i'm sure those days are limited. I just do the pillows...and that seems to help.

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I normally am a belly sleeper or back. It sucks right now no matter how I try to sleep I am sooo uncomfortable. I havent been able to sleep on my stomach for awhile now. Totally sucks. Ive been trying to find a pregnancy pillow cheap but having no luck. I do have a couple of body pillows that help a little bit. Maybe try different pillows to try to help