Sooooo excited!

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Sooooo excited!

Tomorrow is my BIG ultrasound and I am sooo anxious! I really hope this baby cooperates, because I want to know pink or blue so bad! My guess is anothe boy, but we'll see! I would love either, honestly. Of course it would be cool to have a girl after 3 boys, but another boy would also fit in perfectly to our growing brood! I just pray the baby is healthy and all looks well tomorrow. Ahhhhh...I just can't wait! Tonight feels like Christmas Eve when I was a kid!

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I'm so excited for you!! KUP!!!

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Yay! Good Luck in getting a good look!

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YAY! So excited! Another gender reveal! YAY Smile

Looking forward to your update!

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yeah!!! can't wait to find out what it will be....... soooo exciting!!!