Sophies Birth Story

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Sophies Birth Story

I was scheduled to be induced monday (12/2/13) at 6am. So I got here checked in and settled into my room. They had a hard time finding and keeping Sophie on the monitor. She kept trying to hide from it which she has done alot of during my pregnancy. Finally found her and got a nice reading for awhile they let me off the monitors for awhile so I could move around and everything. They went to put me back on the monitor so they could have it hooked up for when my dr got here. She was alot more difficult to find this time it took 45 minutes to find her and get her on the monitor so it would read. They then tried to get my hep lock in because I wanted an epidural. Because of not eating or drinking anything I was a very hard stick and it hurt alot. It took 3 tries and 2 nurses to get it in. My dr showed up around 8:10 or so and checked me I was still at 3cm dilated, 50% effaced and the only change was she was at -2 station. He put a full dose of the gel on my cervix around 8:30. At first it just like period cramps. After about half hour I felt like I had to pee and my contractions were picking up alot. After about 45 minutes they let me off the monitors to go to the bathroom. I gave my phone to DJ and told him to call my mom since she was at work and told her she needed to come NOW. At 9:15 I told them I wanted an epidural and they were going to check me I was a 7 and had a bunging bag of water, Right after that they called to get him to come give me the epidural. The nurse had this look on her face and my dr checked me. He said I was complete and broke my water. My contractions were horrible at this point. They told me there wouldnt be time to get the epidural or anything that she was coming NOW. Since it was just my dr, my nurse and DJ in the room the nurse pulled the emergency cord and people came running in. I pushed 2 or 3 times and her head was out. He told me to stop pushing because the cord was wrapped around her neck I stopped for a second but it hurt so bad. My dr told me to continue pushing and she was out at 9:28am. They put her on me and let her rest and the cord pulse for awhile. She had an awesome set of lungs on her right away. Her apgars were 8 and 9. She weighed 7lbs 1.1oz and was 20 inches long at birth. He cut the cord and she stayed on me for awhile still. Because of the gel not fully being in for a hour they didnt give me any meds or anything to have me continue to contract. I pushed for less than 5 minutes and total after they started anything was about a hour. She looks alot like her dad but occasionally I do see me or one of my other kids in her. She has been such a good baby. Because of having gestational diabetes they have had to check her sugars since birth before she eats and they have been perfect. She no longer has to be checked and has tolerated it rather well. My other kids came monday night to see us and Sydneys brothers and sister came also at the same time. She handled being manhandled by all the kids very well.

From the time the gel was placed to delivery was 45 minutes. Im the fastest induction my dr and the hospital has had.