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Who else is STARVING all. the. time?????

I literally (well, every couple of hours) eat from the time I wake up in the morning until at least 4 or 5 o'clock, at which point I satiated until about 9. Bad. Bad. Bad!!!

What are your go to foods/snacks for the constant hunger??

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ugh, this was me for like the last 2 weeks, i feel like my belly grew, so i think that's why.....anyways, i'd eat my breakfast, lunch dinners, and then if i was hungry inbetween...which i's yogurt, string cheese, sometimes wheatthins, apples
.....i'd mostly try to stay with protien and i'd want to eat something that took me the yogurt, i used a smaller spoon so it seemed like i was eating more, with the string cheese i'd pull off little pieces....totally tried tricking myself to think i was full cuz i ate soooo much......sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't

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I was starving a few weeks back but now I am not as hungry. I prefer it that way. lol

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I am too! But unfortunately I have reverted to my pre-pregnancy cravings for chocolate, cookies and anything crunchy & non-healthy.

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I feel that way, too. As though I'm satisfied immediately after the meal, but always hungry thirty minutes later. And my preferences are fruit- pears, peaches, apples, etc.