Super Sick (possible TMI)

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Super Sick (possible TMI)

So yesterday, I wasn't feeling too good. We are having a massive heat wave and I haven't been outside much. But I work in air conditioning and while we don't have central air, our air conditionors have kept us fine.

But I wasn't feeling horrible. Mostly just tired, hungry, not much different than any other day. Felt a little sick before dinner, but still ate and felt better.

Ate a couple cookies about 9 pm with a glass of milk (I tend to avoid milk since I think I am slightly lactose intolerant). But this is something I have done a bunch of times (not really this pregnancy since cookies aren't high on my priority list).

So about 9:30 I fell asleep on the couch. Woke up at 9:45 feeling dizzy, hot, and stomach kind of feeling bad. Tried going to bed. Ran to the bathroom, and puked up pretty much everything I ate this week. Or at least that's how it felt. Screamed for my husband when I saw blood in it. Turns out my nose was bleeding pretty bad (never had a nosebleed before). Sorry TMI.

Called my OB and he said that it sounds like some viral thing. Woke up this morning feeling absolutely horrible. But I have been able to eat.

Anyone ever feel like this? I doubt it is food poisoning, my hubby and DS had the same food and they are fine. I usually don't throw up when I get sick. Even this pregnancy the only time I have thrown up it was usually my toothbrush's fault.


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Aw, Steph. That sounds absolutely horrible. I hope it's a 24/36 hr bug and you're feeling better soon-soon!

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Yes! There is some kind of virus going around down here where I live. Everyone except DS in my house has gotten it. I puked for a day and a half, ran a fever, had a splitting headache, and muscle aches last week. Everyone else that got it also had bad diarrhea, but I just became regular again since pg causes the opposite for me.

No fun at all!! Hope it all goes away for you very very soon!!!

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That's awful!! I'm sorry you are sick! That's no fun at all. I'm with the other and hoping it goes away extra soon for ya. KUP okay? The nose bleed probably has to do with pregnancy. I'd heard they are more common while pregnant and so if you threw up hard enough it doesn't surprise me.

Feel better soon.

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Its most likely viral. Try and stay hydrated you dont want to end up in the hospital getting fluids. The heat can effect you to causing alot of your symptoms. Hope you start to feel better soon.

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Thanks all! Felt pretty crappy yet this morning, but besides a headache and occasionally belly ache, all seems fine. Hoping not to have a repeat of that any time ever!