Things I Forgot About Pregnancy

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Things I Forgot About Pregnancy

Okay, Ya'll, there are sooo many things I'm already experiencing that I had forgotten about in pregnancy.

1) the midnight "bring my bloodsugar back up" body, at the beginning of pregnancy, becomes extremely efficient with insulin, so while I still have to take the same amount of insulin to achieve the right numbers in the right time period, my numbers continue to fall (they normally don't, they level out when I'm not pg) and I suddenly have to have snacks when i'm SO NOT hungry and may in fact be feeling kinda sick. Ugh!!

2) The CRAZY VIVID dreams! This has happened several times already and I'm not usually given to dreaming.

3) The foggy brain effect! It feels like I'm walking around in a brain just won't function...I forget what I'm saying half way through my sentences. I feel so stupid when that happens!

4) The exhaustion! Need I say more?

5) The cravings for stuff just because I won't let myself have it...sugary substances, Diet sodas (give me some Diet DP please!!), all the bready, pasta-y junk that I usually have sometimes but won't let myself have much of during pregnancy b/c of the need for tighter contol on my bloodsugar.

6) Of course, the dreaded nausea...It starts at 3 wks before I even know I'm pregnant and stays through 12 wks. This is what makes my husband say "You must be pregnant."

Tell me I'm not the only one in this boat!!!

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I forgot how much my Tatas get sore and tender. I will be buying some nursing tanks this weekend to start wearing to bed. The shooting pains too. For me it won't go away until BF becomes more regular. So it's a long ways away. Boo.
I also forgot how gassy pregnancy makes me. While typing this I burped 3 times. Geez.

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I forgot the lack of sleep... And it was only in September. HAHA. Not even a year ago.

I hate the waking up to pee every couple of hours (AT LEAST) and the constant nausea.

Actually. Right now I'm just hating all my pregnancy symptoms. I am NOT feeling well. AT ALL. Sad

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I don't think its things I forgot about as much as things are different this time! I definitely forgot the feeling of being nauseous all the time, the constant dizziness, and headaches. New stuff for this one! The constant HUNGER! Ahh! If I weren't sick all the time, I would want to eat everything in sight! Last time I couldn't think or look at food. My boobs hurt horribly. I had a sore day here and there last time, now its constant. Vivid dreams. Not sure if I had these last time. I find myself waking up from them at least twice a night, and at least one sticks with me for a while. Hoping for a happy 2nd trimester. My last one wasn't. Hopefully that's different too.