Think the worlds longest m/c finally over...

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Think the worlds longest m/c finally over...

I've been bleeding and spotting since the beg. of Jan! I'm still spotting brown a little which sucks but it has gotten much lighter. I even had my first post m/c AF and just kept on spotting afterwards. MW isn't concerned says its just my body resetting. I'm actually pretty sure I'm Oing or my body is trying to. I don't know why the spotting never stopped if I am but all the signs are there. I started having some bad bloating Saturday and Sunday I had a quite sore abdomen I almost called my MW then I took my morning OPK and it was almost positive so I figured that was the cause. Today I had a + OPK, EWCM and my cervix is high and soft. bI'm not sure I can even conceive with the brown spotting? I don't have much hope anyway I tried for 6 mos on my own after my last m/c and then had 2 cycles of clomid the 2nd which I conceived my latest lost baby. So I finally get to go back on the clomid during my next period, if i dont miraculously get pg this cycle that is. Has anyone else ever conceived while having light brown spotting?

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I'm sorry I have no advice. I haven't been in that situation. I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you get this cycle or the next one, if you do go back on Clomid. FX for you.

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Tiff - sorry to hear you are still spotting and having issues!! I don't have any advice either but hope that is resolves quickly!! Fingers crossed that you get that BFP this month!!