Thinking ahead will you do freezer meals?

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Thinking ahead will you do freezer meals?

Since Im guessing lil one will be making her appearance in the next few weeks I have been looking up freezer meal recipes and what would work for when the baby comes. I never had to before since there was always someone else so I didnt have to worry about it.

Will you be doing freezer meals? If so what are you going to be making and care to share the recipes?

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Yes, I will make freezer meals. I've already done a few, as they last a minimum of 3 months in the freezer. I don't have a lot of freezer specific meals, I mostly just freeze my normal stuff. Such as meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, taco soup, etc.

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DH isn't keen on frozen meals... plus our freezer is super small.

Our Trader Joe's (across the street) has many prepared dinners that are super yummy so I will just get DH to go get those every few days. Or we will order in.

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I plan to do some. Not sure what yet. I need to search on Pinterest.

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I can honestly say I haven't even though about it. Lol...that's not good!

I think maybe I need to go ahead and make some stuff up for the freezer too! I'll probably do some stroganoff, meatloaf, ground meat for hubby to make hamburger meat and rice, maybe some chicken tortilla soup, a few chicken breasts just pre-cooked to make into something fast. Some breakfast muffins, sausage and egg quiche...Hmmmmm....need to think on this some more and get busy!

I've gotta admit though, I'm not loving being in the kitchen lately. Need to get motivated!

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yes! At least i hope so.... cooking has been really hard this time around.....and chicken has not been my friend (always my go to)......soooo...yeah. I do plan on cooking up some ground turkey, ahead of time and putting it into 1-2lb containers so i can just grab and defrost..... I also make these yummy lazanga roll ups (pinterest) that are easy to do and i freeze them in bags with like 3-4 in them, so i can just pull from the freezer. I would also like to make some ckn noodle soup in the crock pot and freeze (chicken, veggies, water/chkn stock) and then you tear up the chicken and add some noodles for about 20-30 mins....i'm hoping i can do chicken once the baby is born.. we are going this weekend to stock up on some items like toliet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, etc and i plan on getting some food in bulk too (stuff i can freeze) so we have it on hand.

I'll post some meals when i get home

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Freezer meals are a great idea!

I'm hoping I'll have friends bring me meals Wink

I'm on bed rest so I won't be doing any cooking for a while.

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We have a very small fridge and freezer so I don't have the option to do too many freezer meals. I'm not too worried about it. I do have a couple meals in the freezer that I'm saving for when baby comes... but I love to cook and bake and such, so I'll probably be doing more of that when I'm home with baby and have the time. I'm totally looking forward to having a couple weeks off and getting to be a SAHM for a short time.