Those with GD

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Those with GD

So those of us with GD are you able to control it with just checking your sugars or are you on meds or insulin?

My dr wasnt happy with my numbers 2 weeks ago which I didnt think were too bad(my mom a diabetic didnt think so either) and gave me 2 weeks to test and the week before I go back am supposed to test 7 times a day(Im getting 6 normally since I go to bed not long after I test the 6th time. I know my numbers even though they are still not that high are not what he wants them to be all the time. Under 100 in the morning or fasting and under 140 2 hours after eating. BUT my starting number and second number are supposed to be the same which they have never been. They are either a little higher or lower but not the same. I am guessing he wll be putting me on meds. Im not sure whats out there that are ok to take while pregnant. Since they are not high (like my moms) I doubt I will be put on insulin but idk really.

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I go back in 2 weeks to see if I need insulin. My endo isn't liking my fasting numbers( need to be 90 or lower) and they are usually high 80s - 95..... I'd have to take insulin in shot form at night if walking before bed isn't far they aren't getting lower. He also said morning sugars are harder to control and the further you get into pregnancy the harder it is to just regulate. My obgyn mentioned that insulin can make smaller babies, so they are going to do an u/s at my next apt and again at 34 weeks to check growth(if I have to do insulin, I'll be on it the day after my 1st u/s). With my DD it was controlled with diet and exercise.

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Because I'm diabetic even when not pg, I'm on insulin, actually two different insulins, and several shots a day. Then I usually have problems with GD on top of it (when the enzymes in the body from pg also start affecting sugars). We are happy when my fasting numbers are below 100, even if that is 98 or 99, bc my fasting are ALWAYS hard to control, though they are supposed to be under 90 fasting. I can go to bed with lower blood sugar numbers (80's) sleep all night, not eat before bed or anything, and have 120's in the morning. Its not actually that uncommon. I forget what my Dr called it, but there is actually a know phenomenon where between 2-4 a.m. your sugars rise on their own. It makes keeping the a.m. sugars low very difficult!! I also have to have #'s below 140 one hour after a meal and #'s below 120 two hours after a meal. Those aren't as difficult because I can adjust my insulin intake to get my numbers lower. The problem is the hungrier I get, and the more I eat, which is a lot more here lately, especially in the middle of the night when I wake up hungry, affects all those numbers!

I've never heard of the starting number and 2nd number being the same. Hmmm....wonder why he wants that. But every Endo and MFM are different and have diff things that have worked well for them with their patients.