Tomorrow is the big day!

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Tomorrow is the big day!

I can't believe it's here. I've been waiting for so long, and tomorrow I get to meet my baby girl. Wow.

First, the last 24 hours at my house have been hectic. Last night, my step dad had to go to the Urgent Care. He had hurt his back, and it got so bad he could barely walk. At the UC, he was put on anti inflamatory meds, along with pain meds, and told to go home and stay in bed until at least tomorrow (Wed). My mom has been having pain in her arm since Sunday night, but refused to go to the dr. When she woke up this morning, her arm just below her elbow was red, swollen, and hot to the touch. I dragged her to see her oncologist, who sent her to the Acute Care Center immediately. She was diagnosed with cellulitis, an infection. She was given two shots of morphine and a shot of anti biotics, and sent home with three RXs for anti biotics and pain meds, and told she was to get in bed and stay there until at least Friday. So they are both out of commission for the next several days. They are both pretty devastated to have this happen now, as they both wanted to be at the hospital with me, and now they won't be.

Onto the better news, MW apt today was good. When she checked me, I'm 3cm/80-90%/2+station. The MW I saw today seemed very interested in what I had to say, explaining how things would work in my specific situation, answering my questions, telling me all my options and the pros and cons to each, etc. I felt much better this time than last time.

This is the plan for tomorrow. I will call the Women's Center at 7am, to ensure they have a room for me. (In case they get completely swamped during the night, which is rare.) My sister will meet me at my house at 7am, and we'll take my car the two blocks to the hospital. I'll check in around 7:30, and right away they will start the first mini bag of anti biotics for the GBS. When that is finished (about half an hour), I'll ask to have the IV disconnected, and I am free to walk and wander and whatever. (I've borrowed the first three Harry Potter movies. I'm reading the books, and thought this was a great opportunity to watch the movies, too.) After two hours, they will start the second bag of anti biotics, and then start labor going, whether by breaking my water or starting pitocin, whichever I decide. (I am thinking about it overnight, and I think I will go with breaking my water first, and pitocin if that doesn't work within an hour or two.) My FH, Kenn, is planning to take our son to daycare, and then show up at the hospital around 9:30. (Pleasant surprise!) A friend that has done the same HypnoBabies method as me is planning to show up around 10am, and is bringing with her some oils to help naturally induce labor. Another friend (a CNA for the women's recovery of another hospital) is on call, and will be there around 11 if I need her. When Baby Girl is born, my FH will immediately give her a special religious blessing, which I have asked him to do, for health and to avoid complications from GBS (and in general). My MW expects that this birth will be as quick as my last, and I'll be done by noon. That seems a little optimistic to me, but it does give me hope that I won't be suffering terribly for hours and hours.

I am nervous and excited. I feel I have planned and prepared as much as I can. I have educated myself as much as possible. I have good support set up, to be there with me and help me through this the way I feel I want. Now, I go in there, with my plan, and ready to make alternate decisions as they are needed, and be ready to meet my baby girl in a matter of hours.

So there you have it! I'll post her birth story in a few days. Love you all, and keep hanging in there.

Here are a couple of photos, taken on Saturday. One while I'm getting ready and the other at my baby shower with my beautiful sister.

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Oh, Marie, you look lovely!!

This is so EXCITING!!! Our first baby on the board!

You sound very prepared for anything and sounds like you have a great support system going there. Sorry that your folks can't be there tho. I hope they both get better very soon.

Good luck with everything. I hope you can get some sleep tonight with all this excitement on the horizon.


Looking forward to hearing the full story.

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Yay yay yay!! Good luck Marie. Post story/pics ASAP Smile

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Good Luck and Congrats!

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You look great! I'm excited for you! KUP!!

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You look great. Im glad everything is calmer and that your ok with how things ended up for today. The thing that matters most is lil miss will be here sometime soon today. Smile Exciting that our first baby is on her way.