Ultrasound 8w4d

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Ultrasound 8w4d

So here it it, Ladies Smile Squishy is measuring 8w2d and has a heartbeat of around 177 bpm.

I'd say the position is looking rather girly, wouldn't you? Wink (This was transvaginal again.)

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cool! im a little annoyed. with my other pregnancies i always got an ultrasound this early. this time around, my ob/gyn hasn't said anything about it!!

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Darn! When is your next appt? You should ask about it.

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yay for good appt. Baby is measuring pretty good Smile

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It looks girly to me!! Smile And my mom would say the HB sounds girly too b/c it is fast. Smile

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Congrats on the great appt!! Smile