Ultrasound and Labs to check my gal bladder

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Ultrasound and Labs to check my gal bladder

Tomorrow at 8am I'm going in for an ultrasound and labs, then a followup apt Thur @ 2pm for the results and to discuss a plan of action. I really hope to be able to stop the pain, but I'm SUPER nervous. Sad

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Good Luck! I hope the pain eases soon.

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Hope it all goes well and you can get the pain stopped!

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GL!!! Hope you find out what is going on!!

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Good luck keep us posted Marie

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I had my son at 36w due to gallstones. If you have any questions feel free to

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Thanks Ladies. I had the ultrasound and bloodwork. It went fine till I left the hospital. Then I broke down crying. I think the anxiety, stress, worry, all caught up with me and I lost it. I bawled for almost an hour. I have an apt with my midwife tomorrow at 2pm MST for results and to discuss what to do.

Margaret - I would appreciate hearing your story, if you don't mind sharing.