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So... I decided to go camping with the family this weekend. It was really nice.

Kamdyn was due yesterday... So I needed to keep my mind busy. We went camping on Saturday... it was PACKED so we didn't get to be by the lake. We got a 2 day fishing license to go... So... we left camp pretty early in the morning and went fishing at a lake in town. It was a lot of fun. Riley (DS) was the only one who caught a fish.. his first one! Smile I was proud of him.

I have been having sharp pains right around my ovary on the right side. It's really hurting. My Dr. said it's probably just round ligament pains though Sad Freaking me out. I had a nightmare last night that i m/c. Sad I hated it... In my dream it happened yesterday so it was all just a crappy day.

My nausea isn't as bad... which is nice... but a couple days ago was the first time I threw up my entire meal. Bummer. Sad

How's everyone else doing? What did you do this weekend?

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Glad you got to go camping. Sounds like you did good considering the day. Hopefully your MS stays away.

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I'm glad you guys had a nice weekend, Maddie. I'm sorry about the scary dreams, I've been having horrid thoughts about another m/c too Sad

I'm so glad you were able to keep busy over this difficult time.

My weekend was really sucky: I found out on Friday late afternoon that I had to write an exam this afternoon (Monday) so I spent the whole weekend cramming a whole semester's worth of work into 3 days.

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glad you were able to spend time with family this past weekend to help ease the pain......

We went up north with my family and i love love love being up there, i wish i could live up there, i am so relaxed and just it truely is my place to get away from it all...

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Sounds like you had a nice time! I'm glad you were able to get out and be busy. Those days are always difficult. I love fishing but DH isn't a fisher so we never go. Its so relaxing though! I'm glad you had nice weekend.

DS and I went to Kansas City for the weekend with my mom. It was my grandma's 80th bday party so we went up for that. It was nice to get out of town but was very exhausting. The party was at my aunts house who is a high end interior decorator. Her house is beautiful but everything is super expensive and you can't sit in certain areas or walk on certain rugs, etc. Plus they have a dog that bites kids and some adults.... And it took hours before they finally put the dog away. So chasing ds, by myself, pregnant, around this museum of a house and trying to keep him from being attacked by a dog when all he wanted to do was pet it... well it was exhausting. But yesterday was nice. We got home on Sunday night and DH and I took DS hiking yesterday and had a good time. I just always forget how often I need to eat and end up getting really shaky if I don't bring snacks and stuff. But other than that it was a nice weekend.