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Hey ladies, I haven't been able to log onto my account in a few weeks- hopefully now that it works again it is fixed. Anyways, here's what's been happening....
Last Saturday went to the er for bleeding- saw baby and it was doing well. It was cute, it was super still and I asked the u/s lady if that was okay that it was so still and she's like yup well then baby started to jump around and kick its legs....lol and she goes- look at that, baby is already listening to mommy. :).
Anyways- no reason for the bleeding. I did test post. For gbs- which my dr explained is the bacteria for a uti/ bladder infect. So I started antibiotics......at the er they said the blood was probably from my bladder- I was like I don't think so- granted I never have had a uti or bladder infection- but pretty sure this blood wasn't from that- once he checked me out he's like well u do have blood in the cervix and a quarter of women bleed during pregnancy....ok.
Had a follow up and u/s this past thurs with my obgyn and baby still looks great- bouncing all over. Still no reason for the bleeding and it finally tapered off around Wednesday. Dr did mention with this much bleeding in 1 st trimester it puts me at higher risk for preterm labor....great...one more thing to worry about...so I go back in 2 weeks.

Hope u all are doing great!!

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Sorry to hear about the scare, Jules. And the risk of preterm labor Sad

But awesome news that Bubs is doing well and jumping around!

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Boo for risk for preterm! Sorry you are bleeding. I would imagine it's terrifying but I'm glad that everything is going well. Yay for seeing baby bounce. I loooove watching the movement. Smile

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So glad that baby is doing well! Sorry you had to go through that!