An Update

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An Update

Hi! Just thought I would give y'all an update on me and my bun in the oven. My placenta moved and is no longer directly blocking my cervix. It's still really low lying though, and since I have had a previous C-section, a vbac isn't recommended with the placenta where it is. I could be stubborn about it and push the issue, but DH isn't comfortable with it and I consider his feelings about these things too. Although I'd adore going into labor and not having the surgery, I have opted to schedule one. It's December 3rd....which is only 10 days from today! YIKES! I'm so ready though. I've had a lot of contractions so I could still go into labor, but I'm not holding my breath. Wink

We've had more ultrasounds done with this LO than with either of our other two (the most recent one at 35 weeks) and we've held firm and not found out the gender. I am really excited to have the baby and find out boy or girl! Our plan is for this LO to complete our family too, so I'm feeling very happy and nostalgic as we near the birth. Anyway, just an update on me. I am stalking this board more than I have been lately! I'm sort of shocked we haven't had any LOs come early yet! Thinking of all you ladies!

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Wow! only 10 days! That is a crazy thought.

Sorry you don't get to have your vbac Sad


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Congrats on getting a date! That is very exciting!! And will be here in no time! Smile I'm glad your placenta has moved some! Can't wait to see what you have!! Smile

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Way to hold steady on your surprise gender wish. That is going to be great fun for you. Dec 3 will be here in no time. You're already done to 7 days.