Update from appt today

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Update from appt today

Doc appt today....they refuse to do amnio, say the recommendations have changed. She is measuring 42-43 wks, 10 lbs 8 oz. I still technically have 3 wks to go unless something happens before then, or I meet a cooperative dr. I'm ready to have her TODAY!! I have to go back to my reg o.b. tomorrow bc my blood pressure was 160/80 today. So, have to check it again tomorrow and for protein in the urine too. Doc (new MFM) said maybe that would be my out. But I don't want to risk my health or Aarilyn's health in order for them to take her early, however, I feel like they are risking her health by allowing her to get so stinkin huge and just wait til 39 wks. Dr (new MFM) today even said she would probably wind up in NICU under observation, even if they do wait until 39 wks, simply because she will be so big. Basically there is not good answer here, and they aren't willing to do anything at this point. Sad

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Good luck! Holding thumbs, crossing fingers, toes and everything else crossable that they see reason.