Welcome Amy!

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Welcome Amy!

Hey- Just saw you on Roll Call! Welcome to the December 2013 club :):wavehello:

Glad to have you here

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Thank you!! I am a little apprehensive to join so early (5 weeks along today), but I can already tell this is a great board!

I just got the BFP last night and I'm still in shock. DH and I were planning on trying to get pregnant later this summer/early fall, but I wasn't on birth control and I guess we weren't careful enough. Anyway, a little nervous since I hadn't started taking pre-natal vitamins (I take a daily multi-vitamin) and also I drink a lot of green tea (or used to as of yesterday) and I just read that's actually bad in early pregnancy and that it can hinder folic acid absorption! Just hoping everything with the baby is okay!

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Welcome !!!

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This board is definitely an apprehensive one- we are right there with you. Just keep taking care of your body now that you know Smile

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Welcome and congrats! This was a big surprise for us also! So glad to have you here!!

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Congratulations on your BFP.

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Welcome and congrats!!!