And were having a....

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And were having a....

....................................... BOY!

We had our anatomy scan yesterday and found out we are having another boy! So this will make for two boys in our family.

The baby is measuring a few days ahead (19 weeks) and is 9 oz. Everything looked good to the tech. I do have another anterior placenta, which is kind of a bummer since it tends to cushion movement and I may not feel as much.

My husband is ecstatic of course to be having another boy. I just wanted healthy, either way. We had only planned on having two children, so I'm wondering what life will be like having only boys. Any experience out there?

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No experience or advice. But how exciting! Congrats on the boy! Smile Sorry about the placenta but hopefully it won't block toooo much! Smile Again, Congrats!

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Congrats on the bouncing boy!

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Congratulations on your little boy.

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congrats! i feel the same as you. this will probably be my last baby and i will have all girls. i wish i could have a boy just to see what it was like!

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Congrats! I have no idea what it is like to have two boys personally, but my BIL and SIL just have two boys. While they are actually almost 4 yrs apart, they are the best of friends anyhow. They get into stuff together alot, but no more than any other sibling pair would. Its so fun, and of course just mean a lot more noise and boy toys that daddy just loves buying. But it is a super fun household. Smile

And, I feel ya on the placenta placement. Sad Me too.

But, regardless: Yay!! Congrats!!!

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Congrats on a great appt and on having a boy!! I just have one boy so I have no experience but I think it's great that your DS will have a brother!! I bet they will be best buddies!!